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Perfins is the philatelic term for security perforations. It was once a common feature of stamps. To prevent employee theft, they gave stamps private perforations that have the company’s initials, or a simple design. As larger companies introduced metered post, the need for such security slowly vanished. Here is an example of a Great Britain […]

Proof stamps

The stamp production process, particularly for engraved stamps, involves creating proofs at different stages. The above set is a colour proof set (none issued colours) from the French 1958 celebrities issue. Different designers engraved each value. We normally find proofs imperforate. Inclusion of some proof examples in a collection enhances the depth of the philatelic […]

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Philately and Stamp collecting blog. We hope that as time goes on, you will find our philatelic blog posts informative and enjoyable.  If you are not familiar with blogs, you can search for blogs (articles) under topic headings and/or keywords. At first, you will find only a few search results, but the […]

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